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This is my general repository of resources and people I find myself using or repeatedly pointing people towards.

Urban Soundscapes

Urban Soundscape Studies pull from a wide range of disciplines, some less known than others. When trying to describe these influences to people, I find myself consistently referring to the same people and references as examplars1 for these various approaches. Mostly these are the sort of references I give people who ask me for an introduction to the different branches of urban soundscape research. Many of these researchers have also appeared on my podcast, The Rest Is Just Noise so check out their interviews there as well!

General Resources

Soundscape Engineering

Landscape Architecture

History and Sociology


Multilevel Modelling

Teaching Statistics


  1. Note: These really are just examples I tend to go to. I certainly don’t pretend this is every influential reference in the field or even necessarily who I consider better than any other researchers. In fact I will mostly highlight lesser known people that don’t tend to be the first points of entry for the field (i.e. I probably won’t include Schafer, Jian Kang, or Schult-Fortkamp since there’s just too much from them to include). I also apologise to any scholar who feels their work has been miscategorised.↩︎