First paper published! SSID Protocol


June 19, 2020

First paper published! SSID Protocol

Find the full paper at the MDPI Applied Sciences Page - DOI: 10.3390/app10072397

For the past year, a huge portion of my PhD work has been focussed on data collection. Our goal in the SSID data collection is to gather a massive database of soundscape questionnaire surveys combined with objective acoustical and environmental data. Given the complexity of all of the different data sources, the protocol for correctly carrying out and organising the surveys is pretty involved.

To formalise it and make it available to all the other soundscape researchers out there, we have published our method as a standalone protocol paper in Applied Sciences.

In general, the protocol involves going out to an urban public space, setting up environmental and acoustic monitoring equipment, then stopping people as they pass through the space to get them to fill out a survey about how they perceive the sound environment. This data all then gets gathered up, collated and databased, and analysed as part of our ongoing soundscape research.

The whole timeline of this protocol is shown in this figure:

Figure 1: Timeline of the on site soundscape protocol. RegentsParkJapan (RPJ) is used as an example. Abbreviations as defined in Table 3-QUE: Questionnaires; VID: 360 video; PIC: Site pictures; BIN: Binaural Recording; AMB: Ambisonic recording; SLM: Sound Level Meter (acoustical factors); ENV: Environmental factors