Book Diary 1 - The Kingdom

The Kingdom, by Emmanuel Carrère

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May 10, 2019

I’ve started writing short ‘reviews’ of all of the books I’m reading in a book diary I bought while in Venice. I decided I might as well sheare them here, so welcome to my book diary, starting with my favourite author, Emmanuel Carrère. These are not full reviews, they won’t give you really any background on the plot or context of the book. These were intended as notes to my future self looking back on the books I’ve read and so they are more personal, and, possibly, more intimate and engaging. I hope someone enjoys, even if it’s just old-man Andrew.

The Kingdom by Emmanuel Carrère

I’ve read this several times now, and always come away with something different. This time, it is a terrible sadness and contemplation of love and life, so much so that I have written a letter to the author expressing it. Who knows if I’ll send it, and what his response will be.

But, what I should say is I LOVE this book. It satisfies my academic side with a wonderful semi-historical look at the writing of the early Bible and formation of the Church. Interspersed are stories from the author’s life and his reflections on authorship, on religiosity, on conversion.

It’s a gorgeously composed work of tremendous talent. Probably my favourite book I’ve ever read.

Extra info:

Date finished: March 10, 2019

Title: The Kingdom

Author: Emmanuel Carrère

Publisher: Penguin Random House UK

Date Published: 2017

Bookstore/Library: Can’t remember

Suggested/found by: The New Yorker Review